Transportation Services

Transpro Company Limited (TpCL) offers flexible, fast, economical, and wholly reliable transport services. Due to our extensive coverage and unrivalled cross border experience in West Africa, over the years, backed up by a well-established network of agents and affiliates in all of the major cities and distribution hubs we make shipments simple and worry free. With our team of dedicated drivers, tracking and expert route planners by our knowledgeable dispatch operatives, we take the best possible care of your shipments and securely transport our clients’ goods to their chosen destination within the specified time frame.

TpCL provides clients with a clear view of their supply chain to make sure every shipment is executed within the most efficient and concise manner possible. We also have a single point of contact to help simplify the process and find the most cost-effective mode of transportation every time.

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If you would like a service on Procurement (Supply Chain Management) please fill out your details below and a member of our team will be in contact.

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